Windows 10 – Do you Love it? … or hate it?

Windows 10 – Do you Love it? … or hate it?

Well, for the first time ever, there is plenty to “love”,

a bit to “hate”

and a bunch of “getting used to”

involved in this latest operating platform from Microsoft.


What we have all been told however, is that this is the last major change of how it works. From now on, we will just be getting upgraded releases of Windows 10 instead of having to re-learn an entire operating system every time Microsoft decides to release a new version.

In Microsoft’s words,

“Windows 10 is the first step to an era of more personal computing, one in which Microsoft is moving Windows from its heritage of enabling a single device – the PC – to a world that is more mobile, natural, and grounded in trust. With Windows 10, applications, services, and content move across devices seamlessly and easily. Windows 10 features a universal app platform and universal store, providing a consistent experience across devices.

Windows 10 helps make people more productive and have more fun, with a personal, natural experience that works across all of their devices. Windows 10 delivers ongoing feature innovations and security updates, and it is available as a free* upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users.”

Personally, I (once I got used to it) loved Windows 7. Before that, Win XP.

I could not stand Win 8! I was forced to uninstall it before I lost my temper and ‘rebooted it through the windows’ (get the pun?)

Windows 10 has come along and I must be fully upfront in saying that it took me a little while to venture out and test it. I mean really, who wants the hassle of re-installing an entire computer just to find it is worse than what you already had?

But, with my entire tech team calling me a techno-phoebe (including casuals I had only just hired 2 weeks earlier) along with other terms and phrases I probably cannot print, I finally took the plunge and got one of the team to load it for me (I know, right! Huge commitment on my part!).

And the result? I actually am pretty happy. I have finally become used to it and find a lot of things I knew and loved from Win7 being re-added and some of the really stupid and horrible things from Win8 being removed. ‘My Computer’ is now ‘My PC’. I can live with that.

In reality, I don’t have a choice about using Windows 10 – unless I want to go Apple or Linux for a business platform – and that I do NOT want to do, but I am really quite happy with Windows 10 and would probably have migrated to it even if I did not have to.

Warning with regards to upgrading to WIN 10: Some older Laptops (Pre 2011) have not supplied drivers for the graphics and result in a black screen. It becomes a bit more difficult to fix an issue if you cannot see it so please backup important data before attempting it. Even a quick Google search “<Laptop brand and model> with Windows 10” will give you a fairly good idea if yours is going to be okay before you start.

For more information, see the Windows 10 Upgrade page on Microsoft’s website.

For now, enjoy the new windows and give yourself enough time to get used to it before you start having to meet deadlines. I found a glass of wine to be especially helpful with my first explore of it.



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